MyCircle with Disney

MyCircle with Disney

By Circle Media Incorporated

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2016-05-23
  • Current Version: 1.4.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 27.13 MB
  • Developer: Circle Media Incorporated
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.1 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2/5 ( 144 Reviews)
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MyCircle with Disney App Ratings: 2
From 144 Reviews

MyCircle with Disney App Description

Get the most out of your Circle device with MyCircle, the personalized dashboard for each member of your family. Each family member with the MyCircle app gets access to an amazing Disney content feed including videos, blogs, GIFs, emojis, music, games, characters and lots more! Some of the awesome features include: CARDS • Experience great content like videos, articles, and games curated by age. • Discover content from Disney’s best blogs sent directly to you. • Get dozens of games to play in your feed, with tons of options for you and your family. DASHBOARD • Enjoy a personal dashboard that mirrors your family’s unique Circle settings. • Keep track of your Time Limits by app, category, and platform. • Receive a countdown for your BedTime. • Get a simple overview of your time spent online. NOTIFICATIONS • Receive notifications on your mobile device when your Circle settings are in effect (e.g., time limit reached; Internet paused; bedtime). CIRCLE GO™ • Circle Go allows you to enable Circle’s features on your kid’s devices on any network they join. Even 4G. • At home or on the go, Circle settings remain in effect no matter where your family travels.

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App Reviews

  • WHY

    By Star Wars is awesome 777788
  • Very happy with the Apps improvement over time

    By Divern2deep
    Circle is just plain awesome! So circle developers keep the faith and inspiration that you are making a difference in our childrens’ lives and grind out those software improvements. Disregard the negative reviews, which mostly look to me to be coming from kids. Hold your business partners like Netgear accountable for router firmware updates that are poorly designed and vetted from impacting your software’s performance. Strive to be the Steve Jobs of parental control software. Folks, as a parent trying to rein in the internet usage by my two teens I found Circle initially frustrating to use a few months ago. I believe this was mostly the fault of my new Netgear Orbi router’s lack of proper performance after a firmware update subsequent to purchasing the router. Once I returned the Orbi for a new Orbi, things on Circle started performing more reliably. So to parents out there frustrated with inconsistent Circle performance stick with it and check your routers performance first. It paid huge dividends for me. Now I am very happy with how consistently I can control bedtimes, social media usage, and gaming on my kids devices. The grades are moving up, the sleep is increasing, and the future is looking brighter every day.
  • Terrible

    By RandomManGuy2.5
    Absolute garbage
  • Disney Circle

    By Robo-Baller Ragnarok
    Salutations. I am a minor. Yes, but fully capable of my comprehending the intentions of most age groups (infants less so.) I can understand why parents would want to install this, and why they could see it as a sort of helpful fifth wheel (or sixth, or fourth, or however large or small this family may be) BUT, ultimately, are phones truly the epitome of bad behavior? I’d say kids could get into a lot worse with say, a vehicle. Yet, most Americans teens receive a car while they are still a minor, and automobile accidents account for the largest number of deaths of people under 18. Cellular phones, on the other hand, manage to not be kill people or be used as an implement of destruction en masse. Back before phones, people directly spent time with their friends, but as schools have gotten more challenging, less time is allotted that’s free, and so we turn to online communication. The idea of trackers as a whole is to be able to read, as a stalker would, the virtual footprint of the victim, and be able to trace their actions. I find it creepy, Be it parents or otherwise. Say we’re back in those pre-Cell phone times. If you, as a parent, could ask for a written transcript of everything your child had said in a day and had it organized and time-stamped and marked with whom it was to and their response, I’d say a solid 98% of parents would say no, as at the end of the day what a person says and does is their choice and you can only set a child in the right direction, not drag forward on their own path in life. So why, in these modern times, are we doing just that? Why would you just block what allows mistakes to be made instead of letting them make their own mistakes in an environment where it can be healed properly and LEARNED FROM? Why do we just lock up the bicycle in the fear a child will injure itself, only to realize that they will only get bigger, and stronger, and smarter, and eventually will get a bicycle and the EXACT SAME INJURIES from learning to ride this bicycle, but without it’s parents(s) there to help? Ultimately, you have 18 years to train your kid and then they have full autonomy, so any mistakes that will be made are better made in a home environment than anywhere else. If you’re reading the bottom of this I commend you heartily and encourage you to never download this horrid app, or purchase that horrendous box known as Disney Circle. Thank you. Also, I got a very salty response from the Disney people, and would like to say I have changed my internet habits none, because I don’t participate in anything wrong with my phone or otherwise. I feel it is unnecessary to scrutinize where no scrutiny is due. I also feel it is a violation of the personal privacy I am owed as a human being. I am a positive person, I have a near perfect GPA, all of my friends and associates are upstanding members of the community as am I, and it is an unjustifiable invasion of my privacy when I am a GOOD PERSON and do NO WRONG. I want a PhD in biochemistry, and to be able to support not only myself but to be able to give philanthropically to the school that has put my dreams within reach.
  • Good Idea, But it has Problems

    By EpicSoccerGuy
    I’m a kid, but even I think it’s a good idea, and it works. . .sort of. I have a bed time, and that works. I have a time limit and that works. But if I want to check how much time I have left, I can’t because the app always crashes. I’ve tried restarting my phone but nothing works. Also if I leave an app open that requires a connection but turn off my phone it will use up my WiFi/Cellular time. And because I have an Apple Watch it connects to my phone, so simply checking the time through out the day eats away at my WiFi/Cellular time. Over all it’s a good idea that I think just needs some fixing.
  • Where do I even start?

    By HshdjdjfjdjfuakznK
    Of course there are going to be thousands of kids on here complaining about the circle. I am a junior, and I personally hate the circle, but that’s not why I am here. If you hate the circle you should talk to your parents about it. I’m here because circle go is a product not ready to be sold to the public. the idea is great on paper but it really doesn’t work. I am often blocked at random intervals during the day. Even calls and iMessage are barely functional after bedtimes. This is a huge problem because it is potentially dangerous. Imagine being out late at night and you need to get a hold of your parents immediately. With the circle go, that isn’t an option. I could call, but that isn’t always a convenient option! iMessage is very skippy and can’t be trusted to get an important message out. Parents, the circle go is super easy to circumvent. I found out how not 30 seconds after having the app installed. For the sake of my fellow kids under the control of the tyrant circle, I’m not going to list the process here, but it’s quite easy. It’s also supposed to send a notification to your parents when you circumvent the circle, but it doesn’t as long as you don’t go over any time limits whilst disconnected. Over all, the circle is horrible beyond reason, but it also makes sense. Your parents love and care about you and don’t want you to misuse the internet. But circle go needs to be worked on and sold when it is a complete product.
  • Disables on its own frequently

    By Brittneyleahc
    I got this app to help control the devices in our home that are not just WiFi connected. My husband has the parent app but for some reason his disconnects daily. My son has learned how to bypass the whole system and it says he hasn’t been on in days, yet I see him with his phone all the time.
  • Time limits

    By Bsjshdjdghsbxhdhdudbsh
    I dislike the fact about how I cannot speak with my friends or have enough time to do my homework on my computer and my phone. This app is very frustrating and I can’t have fun or entertainment anymore.
  • horrible

    By No ones knows I just do
    it’s horrible and you should not get it because it doesn’t work. it loses kids trust. the end.
  • Circle developer

    By Benjamin Chojnacki
    Ok to be honest the app is great for me! It take time off my internet which I don’t like but it great for my health also the person who made circle just so you know don’t give up I think you’re doing great and the update was good.