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  • Release Date: 2016-01-05
  • Current Version: 4.5
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 24.41 MB
  • Developer: airWORK aviation media UG
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 12 Reviews)
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smartCHECK App Ratings: 4.5
From 12 Reviews

smartCHECK App Description

smartCHECK is an App that reads Checklists by synthetic voice to airplane crews – smartCHECK is your „Digital Copilot“. I. Checklists App comes with a ready Light Airplane Template and a ready checklist set for the Cirrus SR22-G3 and G3 models. You can easily add items or even checklists to the checklist set. Other Checklist sets as in-app purchases: Cessna 172, 182, Piper Warrior and Archer. All checklist sets from the store can be downloaded as often as required, edited and saved. All checklist sets can be shared by eMail if the recipient owns the basic checklist of that airplane. Send checklist sets to yourself to save them on your computer or in a cloud service. Or install them on a second iPad. Make your own checklists for the categories Normal, Abnormal and Emergency and save them in the right category (Ground, Taxi…) of the checklist set for your airplane All checklists you create can be read to you II. Checklist Usage and Setting Checklists can be displayed as text only or shown as text and be read to the pilot/crew at the same time. Checklist items (text or audio) can also be completed manually one at a time by simply tapping the screen. If the whole checklist is read automatically then the reading can always be stopped and resumed by one tap on the screen. Some Checklist groups (Ground, Taxi, Takeoff…) can be forwarded automatically by GPS. Move and sort the icons on the screen according to your needs. Your edited checklists will be preserved with each new version of smartCHECK (we still recommend saving them). III. Automatic Altitude Callouts on Take-off (especially important for pilots of airplanes with BRS or CAPS system) Height AGL* above the Take-off runway can be announced („five hundred“). Pilot can either set one Height AGL* to be announced or a range between 100 and 1000 feet. Elevation above Take-off runway can be displayed in large numbers at the same time. Cirrus Aircraft Checklists contain a special CAPS checklist. After Take-off Checklists can be activated and read automatically and hands off. IV. Integrated Document Browser: Access all your Documents, Tables or Manuals with one tap Document Browser. Create green icons, give them a name and import any PDF or JPEG document. you might want to access with one tap. Import PDF documents like Avionics Manuals or Performance tables. Every document is accessible with tapping its icon. Use the camera of your iPad to create a document on the spot. Notepad feature. V. Other Tools and Settings Oil Log: Enter the Oil status of your engine, how much oil you added and the app calculates the oil consumption per flight hour. Fuel Switch Timer: Select an interval and get an onscreen and audio reminder to switch your tanks. Control brightness of screen in the app or use the red Night Mode. Switch the audio feature on/off. Switch on/off automatic forwarding of flight phases. Or swipe groups manually. Auto voice on/off. Auto voice means: The app reads the complete checklist and goes back to the main menu when checklist is completed. When using checklists without auto voice each tap on the screen will read one item (manual audio mode). If used without audio each tap will only mark each item/line green (manual text mode). Move checklist icons to other place on the screen by sliding them to a new position. Filter which checklist types you want to have displayed with a simple toggle switch. This way you can reduce the number of icons on the screen. More information: Hardware Requirements: smartCHECK will work on every iPad and iPad mini.

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App Reviews

  • Great app

    By flytheairplane
    Love it
  • Help

    By dhwnk1342
    Please allow ALL checklist types to be added to PRIORITY MODE
  • Best Checklist

    By LR SR22 G5
    Really easy to use and easy to customize.
  • A good start with a bad finish (UPDATE 3/20/17)

    By MakAttack
    UPDATE: Had great response from the developer and walked me through the "fix" for my issue. As with any new program, bugs be bugs and it helps to have a developer that is interested in your opinions and suggestions. App Store needs to figure out a better "repurchase" indicator, can be very misleading. Purchased this app, paid for and edited the 172N checklist to a 172S. E-mailed myself a copy. Used the new checklist a few times, then began crashing when selecting the "PREFLIGHT" icon. Deleted the app and reinstalled from AppStore. Even on the same iPad with the same account, need to repurchase the 172N checklist in order to upload the emailed 172S checklist. Shady.
  • Great checklist app for pilots

    By 5 star checklist app
    I downloaded this app and customized it for my aircraft and the way I fly. The app is really flexible to tailor you checklists and the checklists are easily shareable. Highly recommended!
  • Great checklist

    By sniccy
    I have to say, I love this checklist app. The display on the iPad is clean, easy to use. My favorite: the text to speech output that reads all the checklist points. To the checklists and why it got only four start: If you fly a Cirrus, no problem, just use the one provided. They have some other checklists that are about 6 bucks (and well worth it if you have such an airplane, since creating a custom one can bi a pita). As mentioned above, creating your own checklist (e.g. for my Cardinal RG) is not so simple. You have the option of doing it on the iPad. However, I have not found out how to create categories in a checklist there. The other option is to send yourself an email with the checklist and edit it on the computer. The checklist is in JSON format, which is basically a large text file. There you can don almost anything that you want :). However, it is not well documented and rather bothersome. It contains additional fields, like comments (even spokencomments) that do not seem to be used by the app. Also, the automatic checklist selection can be programmed in there, but this is not documented at all. For five stars, you would need to create a nice GUI to edit the checklist on PC and/or Mac. If the format would just be a bit better documented, you'd get four and a half stars.
  • ATP Pilot

    By Gator Pilot
    This is an awesome app for ALL pilots...It inexpensively introduces latest technology without much cost. The app effectively provides the PIC with a First Officer. For those pilots who do not fly with a SIC, they will love this app. smartCHECK even improves on the Cirrus MFD checklist by adding voice. As a professional pilot and flying multiple aircraft without an electronic checklist, smartCHECK is the best voice assisted checklist, I have found. The primary benefits include: easy to create your own checklist (use speech to text, works great), the ability to individually step through checklist (one tap at a time) or have the voice proceed through the entire checklist while you perform the task (this is important when starting turbine engines). The voice can be changed (i.e. male/female, US British, etc.) from the "speech" configuration in iOS of iPAD. A few improvements include: ability to add/delete tiles, import images (i.e. engine performance tables), and print checklist. In short, there is no better easily customizable aircraft checklist, with speech integration. It can wireless connect to your headsets (i.e. Bose A20) via bluetooth (with auto-muting so it does not interfere with ATC/ground radio traffic), or directly connect into your audio panel. It's not "perfect" but it is a great start for such a little price (less than 2 gals of either AVGAS or JETA). :-)
  • Good concept bad execution

    By Straighttailpilot
    So, it's a good idea but, First you have to spend almost 9 bucks. The voice is so fast you can not understand what it is even saying and not just that BUT every freaking checklist is more than 5 bucks. Not really worth it. If you have Foreflight the. Stay away from this app
  • Like having a copilot

    By Ridgewoodbob
    I've tried a number of checklist apps for aviation and all of them have just not worked in reality. This is the first to really have nailed it. Love having the list read out loud through my Bluetooth headphones. Like having a copilot, without the extra weight! Editing is easy, so you can customize to your heart's content. Only gripe is I'd like an iPhone version.
  • Best of Class

    By hadhihopes
    Even as a v1.0, it is clear this is going to be a great app. It is well thought out, complete, and easy to use. The logic used - from a pilot prospective - is "Duh". Clearly written by a pilot! In App explanations would help, but you can get those from the developer WEB site. The ability to modify and add are huge. Every pilot wants their checklists "the way they want it", = the way that makes sense to them. With the customizable fields/lines, this is what you get! Found some bugs in editing but they are relatively minor and was able to work around most. Developer was eager to get feedback and resolve (next release)