Liar! Uncover the Truth

Liar! Uncover the Truth

By Voltage inc.

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2016-10-03
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 358.78 MB
  • Developer: Voltage inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 300 Reviews)
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Liar! Uncover the Truth App Ratings: 4
From 300 Reviews

Liar! Uncover the Truth App Description

Think you have an eye for guys? Ever had a terrible ex you wish you could've kicked to the curb? Test your eye for guys in Voltage's revolutionary, FREE puzzle-based investigative romance app Liar! Uncover the Truth where it's up to YOU to bust the liars, cheaters, and creepers of the world on the way to your happy ending! Do you have what it takes to be the detective in your game of love? Join scores of satisfied super-spies who have already found their Mr. Right! - 10 GORGEOUS GUYS want to catch your eye—but don’t let yourself get too caught up in their lies! - Investigate and get the goods...then show them all who’s boss when you accuse them and catch ‘em in the act! You won’t want to miss the stunner of the century when he realizes he’s done for good! With two modes of gameplay, there’s always some dirt to dig up... - Will I stay or will I go?—Your accusations determine just how steamy things get when you find your Liar...! STORY & CHARACTERS “Are you cheating on me?!” “What?! Don’t be ridiculous—I would never!” “Save it, pal! You’re history!” As soon as you’re back on the market, not one, not two, but TEN guys want to show you they have what it takes to soothe your cheated heart! Is Sotaro your guy, with his promises of love and security? “You’re the girl I’ve been looking for... Be my wife.” Or is Haruichi more your type, with his money and power? “I have the world at my fingertips – the one thing I lack is you.” Will you risk it all dabbling with Shuto, the pro soccer star? “Yeah, I’m famous—but you’re the only one who knows the ‘real’ me.” Will Joe’s creative genius be enough to make your relationship a real work of art? “It was love at first sight. No one can be my muse but you.” Or will it be Kazumi’s intellectual romps that sweep you off your feet? “I don’t just want a night of fun. I want the real thing.” Maybe none of these guys are for you...but not to worry, we’ve got even more! Uncover their deepest secrets and unravel their web of lies to discover which of our Liars is your true love―and snatch your Happy Ending right out from under their noses! Once you have a favorite...Lovers Routes await for even more romance! ・A heart-pounding, mystery-solving romance app! "Liar! Uncover the Truth" is a free-to-play novel-type romance app featuring exciting puzzle-based gameplay where YOU are the detective. Using the five free Tickets provided each day, tap the screen to advance the story and find Mr. Right! -------------- STEP 1: The Investigation Portion Collect evidence of his lying ways as you advance through the story. STEP 2: Accusation Portion Accuse him with the evidence you've collected... And call that liar out!! -------------- Your decisions in the Accusation Portion determine your ending! Do you have what it takes to bust all nine of those no-good liars and discover the man of your dreams?! ABOUT VOLTAGE Voltage Inc. strives to bring high-quality, romantic entertainment to people all over the world. -How to Play The exciting new edition to Voltage Inc.'s ever-growing Romance App series! ・Free to download ・Free to play An easy-to-play, puzzle-based romance novel app! Become the heroine in our Romance App series and discover your perfect love story with your favorite man! Support To report an issue within the app or to ask us a question, please contact Please be aware that we cannot respond to comments made in the review column on the app page. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Please be careful of the following while enjoying Liar! Uncover the Truth - “Liar!” requires a stable internet connection to play. Please make sure your internet connection is stable before playing (an unstable connection may result in data loss). - Uninstalling the app without first registering will erase all purchased items and play data. - In-app purchases cannot be refunded. - For more details, please refer to our Terms of Use which can be found within the app.

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App Reviews

  • Customer Service Not Helpful

    By Rockin41161
    I recently switched to a new device and the game doesn’t seem to be supported on the newer iPhones. I contacted customer service multiple times and they just keep telling me to redownload the app which hasn’t worked. The game hasn’t been updated in 6 months so I think they really need to work out some bugs for the game to work on newer devices. I have logged into this app everyday for probably about 2 years now so this has been extremely frustrating to me.
  • more please 🙂

    By _.lisaaa
    i’ve loved this game for about 2 years and i finally finished the ss story lol this game is like a on and off relationship. i’m excited that i finished but i do hope more liar routes will come in the future 😊

    By lotuswaterangry
    Well, this app keep crashing, trashy.
  • Free ticket decrease.

    By Skyleigh Kitty Meow
    I like that y'all added more login bonus gifts but now the free tickets that refill every day went from 10 to 5?? Why on earth would you do that when the chapters aren't even 2 minutes of play time. You get a few dialogues and then you have to use another ticket. When it's the accusation portion it's literally one accusation then you have to use another ticket to do the second one and so on. You literally just ruined the game. And stop offering a beginners bundle for me! I've been playing for a month now!
  • Love the app, but it crashes all the time

    By Lexysama
    Honestly I love this game. It’s so fun and figuring out the liars is absolutely an amazing and hilarious experience. At least, it is when the game doesn’t crash every time you open it. I recently got a new a device and tried to transfer my data and even though I was successfully able to, I haven’t been able to play the game at all on my new device because it keeps crashing. Please fix this, the game is so amazing.
  • Fun game when it works

    By doctorwotwot
    The story is more enjoyable and has a better message behind it than I expected. But I haven’t been able to open this app in a month, I just get a black screen before it crashes. I submitted a support ticket and haven’t heard anything back, and there haven’t been any updates. I can’t even open my data transfer file.
  • liked it but won’t open anymore

    By Leigh129i8
    so this game is actually amazing but ever since a few days ago the app crashes immediately upon opening. really glad i didn’t spend any money on it yet.
  • Love the game; drains your money, some advice for the devs

    By Ridethismelody
    Tldr: try to actually watch how much you’re spending and how many dollars things cost before you spend all your money, it might not be worth it. The direction of this game is great, adding a detective-like theme to otome games. The game is available to play for free, but it’s always pressuring you to pay to play, like having rewards for timed completion, or having very short chapters (can easily be read in a couple minutes) but only giving 5 free tickets per day (plus the occasional freebies). All the liar stories are like 30+ chapters, some way more, only a couple less. If you wanted to pay through the game you’d be paying way more than $100 for just the basic set of 9 liars. I at least wish you can exchange coins for tickets, because I have excess of those that I won’t really use. 1 ticket costs the same as 100 coins. Basic exchange right? Don’t scale the prices of other endings of Liars so much because endings are short and definitely do not cost the equivalent of 17 tickets. It’s like you’re being punished for not spending enough money to get the S score, so you make the ending for S way more expensive. I just want to read what would happen, don’t make it so expensive for no reason :( If you’re going off only on free tickets you’re almost guaranteed not to get an S even if you do well with the accusation part. It actually makes it not worth it to read the best ending.
  • The ticket system

    By Pokohstar
    Honestly I'd just rather buy the game. Each ticket gives you a little less than 60 seconds of the game. Which is sad because this is prob the strongest MC to date.

    By o̶̶̷̤ .̫ o̴̶̷̤😜😝😎
    I don't normally write reviews for games, but I felt the need to write one for this game and put my thoughts into it because BOY IS THIS GAME AMAZING. I play lots of otome games, and this is the only game that hypes me every single time. The story line is BEYOND AMAZING, and it's basically free to play. Each day you log in, you're awarded 5 tickets at a specific time of the day, including the login bonus which can give you some extra tickets to continue your story. I love all three of the seasons, and I love all of the characters too. Not to mention every time a new season comes out, I always guess Mr. Right correctly, who the last guy standing is (and i love all three of them from all the seasons, in not going to say the names because SPOILER!) my only complain is for the events to end later than usual, since we will have to wait up on tickets. We at least have to use 50 or maybe even 100 sometimes, and the event time is very short, so we don't have much time to finish it and get the story we want. Lastly, I know that the JP version already have Office Deception Lover Routes, (and English will come out soon probably), I really hope there will be Scheming Socialite lover routes coming soon! Because I am in love with the last guy standing!!! 💞💞💕💕💗❤️️💓💓 anyways, if you read this far, then I definitely recommend getting this game if you're into otome games. And voltage inc, THANK YOU SO KUCH FOR CREATING THIS GAME!! 💕💕✨ KEEP UP THE AMAZING WORK ALWAYS!!