Irresistible Mistakes

Irresistible Mistakes

By Voltage inc.

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2017-03-27
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 284.65 MB
  • Developer: Voltage inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 86 Reviews)
  • Price:
Irresistible Mistakes App Ratings: 4
From 86 Reviews

Irresistible Mistakes App Description

Read the Prologue and Episode 1 of each character for free! An electrifying and captivating romance. "Can true love start with a one-night stand?" ◇◆Story◆◇ I should never have done that... He was a total stranger. I didn’t even know his name. But we spent the night together...! It was just a huge mistake. There could never be anything between us! Or so I thought... "I want to see you again tonight..." That simple text from him was just the beginning of an incredible love affair... Opening Movie: ◇◆Character Profiles◆◇ Shunichiro Tachibana: The unattainable boss The two of you have to keep your relationship a secret! Debonair he may be, but he refuses to let you even utter the word "love." You know you have to end things with him, but his sweet lips won’t let you go that easily... "Going home tonight? Or would you prefer to stay...?" Toshiaki Kijima: The evil exec who doesn't tolerate weakness The scent of coffee reminds you of the night you spent with the evil, taciturn exec. Held in his arms, you can just make out the sadness peeking through that hard veneer... And then, he leans in for what seems like another kiss... "Stop making me feel this way. " Toma Kiriya: The standoffish genius copywriter A colleague who is as headstrong as he is sharp-tongued. Spending that sordid night with someone as rude as him is one of your biggest regrets. However, you’re beginning to see true kindness behind all that callousness... "Go on and try... See if you can keep up with me." ◆A breathtaking romance◆ Private messages between you two, and surreptitious glances filled with the heat of desire... No one can know what the two of you share... What would happen if the office found out?! But his heart remains a mystery to you... Would falling in love mean the end of everything? Could you ever tell him how you feel? Your choices affect how your love story plays out Is your “Happily Ever After” within your grasp? ◆Two incredible endings◆ ・The Heartfelt Ending Experience bliss now that you've confessed your feelings for one another. An earnest ending full of heart. ・The Provocative Ending Even after you've confessed your feelings for each other, he still keeps you on your toes! A tantalizing, adult ending. Each Ending comes with a beautiful illustration! Clear both Endings to receive a tantalizing, fully voiced movie! ◆Support◆ Please check the FAQ before contacting us. If you still need help after reading the FAQ, use the Contact Us button from within the App or use the App Support button on this page. Please be aware that we cannot respond to App Store reviews or Facebook posts. -------------------------- IMPORTANT INFORMATION -------------------------- Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Recommended devices: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone6 Plus, iPad Air 2nd generation and later, iPad 5th generation and later, iPod touch 6th generation and later Not recommended devices: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5 Not compatible with: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPad 1st generation, iPod touch 4th generation and earlier, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad with Retina display, iPad 2, iPod touch 5th generation.

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App Reviews

  • Don’t bother

    By Siagao
    Don’t bother. If you encounter a glitch or upgrade your phone, you can lose all your purchases and the company won’t try to help you, or credit you back. They clearly stopped caring about their customers. All they’ll tell you is “oh well.”
  • No option to restore previous purchases.

    By Serenity_star
    Although this is a great game, I had to reinstall it to a different device and found out that there is no option to restore my previous purchases. However, I had no problem restoring all my purchases from their other apps so that I could transfer them to their new Love 365 App. I am just really disappointed because I was waiting for this game to show up in the app and was planning to restore my purchases then. I just wish there was some kind of warning that you HAD to make a transfer account in order to save your purchases for this game. I plan to continue supporting the new Love 365 App, but please allow a way to earn free coins to make up for purchases when this game is finally transferred over. Based on the other reviews, it seems like I’m not the only one who has lost their purchases on this game.
  • Great Design and Characters

    By Jackie3o3
    It’s amazing how far they’ve come in designing the characters with such detail. But I feel like they’re lacking some emotional attachment, the characters seem okay. Probably about two of them I only like. The setting is actually more realistic and the woman isn’t a pushover which I like as well but I felt nothing about playing this. I like My Last First Kiss, First Love Diaries, and My Forged Wedding, because the characters had depth and gave you more emotion.
  • For All The Haters 100% honest

    By Ffjfmfufj
    This is a review that I feel I will have to post on every Voltage Inc. game! How frustrating! I just have to say this because it’s so annoying seeing people saying the same thing. So let’s go. I see many people complain that the girl you play as (the MC) is very naive, fragile, and submissive. Now, I won’t argue this because I know 100% this is true. In some of Voltage’s games, the MC is actually pretty tough and stands up for herself, however, most aren’t. I feel like many of the people complaining that it’s not okay for the MC to be so submissive is because they are either feminists or just special snowflakes. Don’t get me wrong, I understand what they mean, but it’s quite clear they are easily offended if they’re getting upset over this type of game. Everyone who is able to read and comprehend words can see what each Voltage game is about. With a romance game, it obviously isn’t suitable for younger audiences and that is obvious from the start so anyone complaining about that just...just no. Romance is not for little kids anyway and the game never actually shows or is super vulgar either. I saw another review on the one Voltage game that was complaining about how it’s encouraging office affairs. Now wait a minute! I can’t believe how naive you are to believe that! This is a game! It’s literally meant to put FANTASY into our hands. If someone decides to have an office affair, that’s on them, not the game. They also brought up (like I mentioned above) that the MC is always submissive. Like I said, I mostly agree with that. However, depending on who you are, I actually prefer my character to be submissive and naive with a strong male partner (the ones you choose from). Some people don’t and that’s okay, but if you are, these just aren’t the games for you. I don’t think I would like the game if the MC was always strong and had a less dominant partner. These games are an acquired taste and that’s okay. But please don’t be downloading the game and expecting anything different from what the previews literally show you! You know you’re going to be playing a girl who is in an office romance! Or being with a prince! Etc! Just know the MC isn’t usually dominant and doesn’t always stand up for herself. Understand that this game is probably for the females out there who like the dominant man against the submissive woman. These games are all about fantasy! Money is always a big concern for people. I have to agree with this 100% actually. It’s $3.99 usually for a single 15 episode story. Personally, and what I assume most people agree with, it is a bit much. Most people who play this game probably aren’t adults (no shame if you are, it’s a great game) and/or don’t have a job like me. I don’t spend money on anything else really so I don't mind but it’s still pretty pricey... just 10 stories which each one can be played in less than a few hours will cost you $40. So basically 25 stories you could probably finish within a day or two is $100...That’s quite a lot. Hell, if they just bumped the $3.99 to a $2.99, I would be super happy and buy even more episodes! So yeah, if you decide to download these games, just know it will cost you but it’s usually worth it! Basically to sum it up: If you’re a feminist or easily offended, don’t play this game. You’re obviously going to be offended. If you’re super young, don’t play this game. If you aren’t willing to spend money, don’t play this game. If you find forbidden romances disgusting/wrong, don’t play this game! Simple as that!
  • A long time fan...

    By Maxxrocks
    I've been a huge fan of voltage for years and have spent a A LOT of money on almost all of their games. I've hardly ever had any issues with the games and I absolutely love them. My issue is that I've bought most of the first season stories on this game so when I discovered that there was no longer a restore button for my purchases I was devestated. I'm not about to waste a bunch of money just to buy these stories that are amazing but definitely not worth spending my money again.All because I didn't make a transfer account everything's gone. I think the new "transfer data" thing is total bs and voltage claims they aren't held countable if you don't make an account with it. I thought when I opened the app when redownloading it I would easily be able to just jump right in with no issues but nope they want to change things up on me. Sooo sorry voltage but I am not buying these stories again and I'll probably just be deleting this app. I'll go back to the old voltage games that I don't have to worry about all my stories just going out the window. So here's a warning to any first time players of this game - make sure you make a transfer data account or you'll be sadly disappointed later down the line when you find out the stories you spent money on are gone and the only way to get them back is to spend your money all over. I wish voltage would go back to how it was in their older games rather than finding ways to grab all the money they can. Hopefully they bring the restore button back but for now we're stuck with this. Thanks for nothing. 💋
  • Excellent

    By Iseyb33
    The game was very enjoyable and at the end of each route I was left wanting for more😩💕👌🏼
  • Romanticizing love affairs in the workfield

    By Ro Ju
    I really don’t like the message this game sends. It might be a game, but the message is bothersome. I know a handful of people who can separate themselves from learning from these types of games and watching anime to form their personality and think bad boys will respect them... I’m very shocked to know girls and young ladies have this very immoral fantasy... Not only that, the protagonist is submissive and passive. I’ve seen that very same personality in ALL these games. They allow a super “hot” guy to have their way with them. I never knew it’s ok to allow a man to touch you without your permission. I don’t recommend playing this game despite a “happy” ending.

    By Lily C 🐱
    the main character is someone i can actually relate to. more stable, well-put, classy, being. although, i wish there were more times it let us choose what we could say/do/think, more options. also, the new sound effects and features are amazing!! TAKE MY MONEY!!! (not literally, but yeah you’re awesome thanks)! i can sit down and escape the real world for a bit, sometimes you gotta do that!! i’ve been in love with these apps for like a few years now and the progress and upgrades you’ve been making are splendid! thank you pt 2, ily!
  • Coins not showing..

    By RavishingLight
    Please fix this! I purchased 300 coins but it still says I have 0 coins. :( Update: My coins are still not showing and I haven't even deleted the app. I can't believe it's my first time to purchase and play and turns out this way. Very disappointing.
  • So far great!

    By Mmkmsjj
    I have read almost all voltage, especially +17 & I must say, so far the music is ACTUALLY good & atmospheric, the pace is nice, the added sounds are immersive. It’s nice to actually have more than 1 quality choice of guy other than he only effort being put into the games own favorite one. I’m looking forward to starting this one!