Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter

Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter

By Game development ltd

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-05-17
  • Current Version: 1.20.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 653.58 MB
  • Developer: Game development ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 773 Reviews)
  • Price:
Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter App Ratings: 4
From 773 Reviews

Modern Strike Online — FPS gun shooter App Description

Cooperative online war action shooter with modern graphics and dynamic multiplayer battles! Are you a fan of good old counter terrorist action and war actions? Well here's some striking news for you. We're ready to change the idea of free online iOS multiplayer action army bullet shooters. Jaw-dropping graphics and optimization even for low-spec devices. Armed confrontation force begins this spring on your smartphone! Be part of the vanguard on the battlefield of Modern Strike Online! Confront your enemy – it’s time to blitz 'em on the battlefield! - 6 FPS combat modes and the ability to create your own action war games with your own rules for you and your friends! - Choose from 11 different maps to try different tactics and find your enemy’s weak spots! - 70 types of weapons and gadgets, including pistols, machineguns, sniper, sub-machineguns, grenades and body armor! - Fully-customizable weapons: change their color, barrels, stocks and scopes! - Win a round and give someone a free headshot at sniper arena! With regular updates and new game additions waiting for you, this year’s best graphics and perfectly matched audio will have you fighting it out in action war Modern Strike Online game!

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App Reviews

  • Great game

    By KinggBee420
    Everyone with a bad review must have played it in an android or something. Been playing it on iPhone 5 for a couple days and it's by far the best the closest thing to COD on a mobile app that I've ever found. Great job!!

    By Japdude
    More than 75% of upgrades that you earn OR buy will FAIL and it will make you have to spend REAL money to get more and they will fail also! Thus game is BOGUS! Get World Of Tanks Blitz, it’s awesome and you don’t have to spend your money!
  • Bullet damage

    Alright this game is pretty good, graphics are pretty good and animations are also pretty darn good but the reason why this game deserves 3 stars is that it takes an entire mag to kill someone. It can even take up to 1 and a half mags to kill someone which is ridiculous. The most you can get is like 2-3 kills max with one gun then you have to switch weapons which makes this game fall hard. I would rather play a game like bullet force over this mainly because of that one specific flaw. Overall this game is alright it’s nothing too special but if you prefer graphics over gameplay then I guess this fits you. Also this game drains your battery. My iPhone 6 goes from 80% to 70% in about 1-2 games. And I know it’s not just mine my friend has an iPhone 8+ and he also suffers the same issue. This game is also extremely pay to win with people who spend money dominating the servers and you can’t do anything about it cause the guns that you pay for are actually good taking only around half a mag to kill a person and a quarter of mag if you can land headshots.
  • Game is okay but still...

    By lalalalalal888
    Although the gameplay might be fun it takes a whole clip to kill someone and you are only given about three clips. The guns with more ammo cost a lot of gold so there is no point. Also the chests that you get 5 GOLD out of take 3-5 hours to unlock but guess what? You get to spend 15 gold to open that second!!! Than you wasted ten gold and end up getting set back on gold. Finally, when you are playing the game. I had a gold 2 arrow symbol as my ranking and than all of a sudden it started taking A WHOLE MINUTE TO RESPAWN!!! it said “game already in progress” and I couldn’t play until it decided to let me!! This game is not worth your time, or your money for that.
  • I’m forced to play on Europe servers...still

    By Elmer101023
    Im stuck on Europe which isn’t where I am this isn’t fair I have to play on 300 ping FIX THIS! It’s been three months and still no North American servers to be found what happened ? Your done with this game !?
  • Good...

    When I was looking for a mobile Call Of Duty Application, this was the closest thing I could find. The only thing I think needs to be fixed is that the game crashes when the internet changes even the slightest bit. I don’t know if it’s my device or my bad wifi but it needs to be fixed.
  • Good but needs some work.

    By jmangaiak
    I've always used to play this with my Samsung but since I have moved to iPhone I can only stay in Europe server and wondering if you could make a US one again so I can have my things back
  • Ruined FPS games Don't waste your time

    By War Eagle2341
    Ruined FPS games 100% Pay to Win guns are way to Expensive in gold and silver so fixit and some of us gamers may change are reviews
  • Good Start

    By Bahala00
    Seems to be a server problem. Can not get on anymore just in a loop on start up.
  • PayToWinHERE!!!

    By The Gaming Overlord
    You may been thinking omg this game is just like CSGO but after beating the tutorial you quickly realized "What I can get better guns this is cool" then the next day you were where did my good gun go? Then you realized it was timed so you quickly want to buy it back so you won’t have one of those sucky guns. The. You realize there are only 3 ways this is gonna go sadly. Either you pay around 25-50 dollars to keep that gun permanently or pay for chest or wait even BETTER level up by using that sucky gun that can only kill 1.5 enemies not even 2 enemies 1.5 the .5 will have half health while your struggle to get your pistol. By then your dead and sooo on. Now your realized oh shoot It’s gonna take years to save up and level up. Then you go to the Apple store to do what every gamer does rate 1 Star and that champ is how to your great opinion out