RAW Power

RAW Power

By Gentlemen Coders

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date: 2017-11-14
  • Current Version: 1.1.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.99 MB
  • Developer: Gentlemen Coders
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 188 Reviews)
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RAW Power App Ratings: 4.5
From 188 Reviews

RAW Power App Description

NOTE: Supports all devices running iOS 11 and later, EXCEPT the following: iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPad mini 2 and 3, iPad Air 1, and, iPod Touch.

 Optimized for the iPhone X. OVERVIEW — Make your best shots even better with RAW Power™. RAW Power unlocks the power of Apple's RAW engine with simple, easy-to-use controls. More than just an image editor, RAW Power is a full photo application that lets you organize and manage your iOS Photo Library. If you use iCloud Photo Library, all changes are also synced to iCloud, where every image you take and every change you make is instantly available to every app on your iPhone or iPad — RAW Power brings to iOS the impressive RAW decoding and editing that was formerly only available in Apple’s Aperture professional photo application. Using adjustments like Boost, you can improve your images in ways that simply can't be done in any other application. — You can use it for more than RAWs -- it's great with JPEGs too, with White Balance, Curves, Sharpen, and other tools missing from the built-in Photos app. RAW Power also includes an innovative new Depth Effect for photos shot on iPhones with a dual camera system. Further, you can start editing on iOS and continue on the Mac (or vice-versa) using the RAW Power extension for the macOS (for JPEG originals only). — RAW Power is free to download. For more advanced editing needs, a single in-app purchase unlocks the "Advanced Adjustment Pack" which includes White Balance, Curves, and Depth Effect. 
 KEY FEATURES ORGANIZATION AND DISPLAY — View and adjust RAW images on iOS 11 using Apple’s RAW decoder. Zoom up to 800% for extremely precise adjustments. — Organize your library: create and rename albums, delete images from albums and the library, and move images into albums via drag and drop. View hierarchy, including folders. Special "RAW Images" Smart Album. — Display photo metadata including file name, exposure information, flash status, and location. EDIT IN REAL-TIME — Fully non-destructive editing, with all changes synced to the iOS Photo Library and iCloud (if you use iCloud Photo Library) — Edit on one device and continue on another, without loss of quality. — Control over Apple's Boost filter to achieve unparalleled highlight recovery — Real-time control of Apple's RAW engine, including Noise Reduction, Black Point, RAW Sharpen, Gamut Mapping and more — Histogram with Clipping Indicators and Hot Pixels Overlay — Copy / Paste of adjustments — Recovery slider for targeted control over highlights — Crop and Straighten, Rotate and Flip — Luminance-oriented Sharpen — Highlights, Shadows, Vibrancy and more — All sliders are real-time and GPU accelerated — High-precision, deep color imaging engine — Export JPEG, PNG, and TIFFs (8- and 16-bit) to Files.app ADVANCED ADJUSTMENT PACK FOR MORE CONTROL — Advanced Curves adjustment with Auto Curves, Linear and Lab modes, and samplers — Depth Adjustment for improving photos shot with the iPhone dual camera system — White Balance adjustment with sampler COMPATIBILITY — Compatible with hundreds of cameras, including iPhone RAW images. (list at:https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207049 — Supports DNGs (some DJI drones and a few other cameras excluded). — Great with JPEGs and PNGs, too! — Video Tutorials on YouTube (on the Gentlemen Coders channel) RAW POWER for MAC RAW Power is also available on the Mac App Store as a Photos Extension and standalone app. 4.5 stars worldwide! ABOUT GENTLEMEN CODERS Gentlemen Coders develops software for professional and enthusiast photographers. The company offers unparalleled integration with Apple’s built-in services on macOS and iOS, maximizing customers’ investment in Apple devices and services. Gentlemen Coders was founded by a former Senior Director of Engineering at Apple. For more information, visit www.gentlemencoders.com.

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App Reviews

  • Updated, now unable to see iTunes-synced albums.

    By Chris Hong
    Used to be see all albums synced from my Mac using iTunes, not just built-in albums. After updating, none of the synced albums appear though strangely "Recent" lists 3 of the synced albums and photos in these are still accessible by this app.
  • Pro RAW Editing on iOS is a Reality

    There must be 100’s if not 1000’s of photo apps in the App Store that claim to edit raw files but nothing comes close to RAW Power. What you’re getting is access to the full potential of your raw files either from your DSLR, Mirrorless or iPhone camera. You can use RAW Power to not only enhance the color and tonality of your images but it can also help you organize all your iCloud photos too. The advantage of this is that using RAW Power to organize your photos is straight forward and easier to understand that using the built in Apple Photos app. Even if you prefer to use a different app to process raw files, RAW Power is a must have for file management alone. For processing raw photos though, this is the closest thing we have to Apples Aperture and true alternative to Adobe Lightroom on iOS. I am looking forward to creating and saving my own presets in the future but that’s the only thing that I feel is missing from this near perfect app. RAW Power is by far, the best raw processing and photo management app on iOS.
  • Learning slowly...

    By hughfwolfe
    I just recently purchased the few items not included in the free version, felt I was missing part of the ability to edit my photos. Should have been included in the original free version but I suppose somebody’s got to pay these guys for their work... At any rate I’m slowly learning what each adjustment slider does, some are quite a bit more evident than others. No I’ve not read the instructions as of yet, I’ve got eight years of photo editing to my credit however this is a different system thus it’ll take a bit of trial and error to iron things out just like the Snapseed and NIK systems did. Pretty much pleased with my results thus far although sometimes the RAW module adjustments seem nearly impossible to manipulate back to the way I remember the scene.
  • Where's the iOS 12 update?

    By RichSantiago
    Crashes everytime now 😳 Still a baller app tho, just get that update to us pronto 🙏🏽
  • It would be more useful for me if a geometry option is available

    By danchow
    I photograph mostly flat art work to post to my website. For example, my paintings. What has kept me from using Raw Power as my go to image editor is its lack of the option to adjust parallax error. I’m not sure I’m using the correct term. Anyway, I’m referring to the option that is available in Lightroom, Geometry. It would be wonderful to see this option added to RAW Power. Please. Thanks!
  • I like where this is going

    By PatriotUSA
    I like where this is going and see a lot of potential in it, which is why I purchased the pro tools to support the effort. I like the fact it works as a plug-in to Photos and saves back to that library instead of its own library. I purchased 2TB of iCloud storage and that is how I store and synchronize most of my pictures now. I edit a lot on my iPad Pro now, but would like to hand off and edit on my Mac with the same tools. And as someone who LOVED Aperture, I am glad to see a company that would like to give us that experience again. That said, there are some things I will need to make it my main editor. First, it needs a vignette tool. If it could add an inner glow like some other editors while making a darker edge vignette that would be great. I also need the ability to brush the adjustments in, preferably in layers but at least with multiple spot adjustments. Brush compatibility here with the Apple Pencil would be essential. An example of why this is need is when making shadow adjustments, sometimes a global shadow adjustment will simply not work as usually there are some shadows you want to keep, while others you need to get more detail out of. Anyway keep up the good work and if it gets better I will certainly use it more and promote it.
  • Btw

    By bellajz
    This app only works on newer iPhones higher than the 6, iPad minis higher than 3 or iPod touches
  • Simple and Powerful

    By mechanicaljesse
    It’s such a pleasure that in the overwhelming world of imaging apps that Raw Power chooses to have mission. To choose to handle the critical task of quickly adjusting your images. The interface is what a touch interface should be. Powerful and accessible. You can start using this software immediately. It leverages our learned behavior of how to use imaging software in conjunction with a touch interface we have become accustomed to.
  • Real editing tools for the iPhone

    By paperscenery
    I’m a professional photographer and cinematographer and I have been test driving the iPhone X to see if I can create publication quality images with the dual camera. Out of the box, I was hugely disappointed with the file quality—too contrasty, nasty blotchy noise reduction. So I started exploring manual camera apps and discovered Obscura. Just locking down exposure and focus controls made a huge difference, but the raw format option is what got me excited. Enter RAW Power and now I can shoot properly exposed files and optimize them in a raw, lossless workflow, all on the iPhone X. Brief list of awesome features: -True raw, lossless workflow (you can reopen after saving and make adjustments, all the original data is still there.) -True WB temp and tint controls (not one-dimensional warmth) -Separate raw and post tone and sharpness controls. -Four channel RGB curves with blending control. Yes, real curves. -Copy and paste adjustments from one file to another. -Intelligent and intuitive layout/workflow. Things that could be better: -Thin, small caps typography is ugly and not very legible. -Sliders use touch controls only, so hard to fine tune WB tint. Would be smart to have a plus and minus button on either end for incremental steps. - Export vs save options not clearly defined or documented. On balance this is an amazing tool.
  • One feature away

    By otterman
    Thanks to the developer for responding to my request. Having the option to export to the camera roll would be ideal, but I could live with export to Files. I don’t use iCloud, but I can still get the images out of Files. However, one frustration is that when I have an image edited and then tap the Done button, only to realize I should have instead tapped the share/export button, when I choose to NOT modify the original, there’s no second chance to use the export option - all of my edits are just lost. It’s happened twice now and after the second time I decided that, despite the convenience, editing raw files in iOS is not for me. Original review: I keep wanting to go for that IAP to get full functionality, but one thing always makes me hesitate. No “save as” option. I realize that the changes can be reverted, but I detest the Photos app and only use it to permanently delete photos to free up space. I’ve also lost enough data, thanks to Apple’s push to eliminate the existence of “save as,” to have zero trust in it. Reverting a photo is also something I would forget about in a month because, like auto-save, it’s not the way I’ve been doing things for so many years. More importantly, “save as” works and has for a long time! Not to mention it being an extra step after the fact to revert. “Save as” (or export to new image) takes care of it at the time of creation without having to retrace steps, and leaves the original available to try a different edit. If that feature is added I would feel more comfortable using this app and buying the IAP.