100BIRDS + RINGTONES Bird Calls Tweets Sounds

100BIRDS + RINGTONES Bird Calls Tweets Sounds

By No Tie, LLC

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2009-06-25
  • Current Version: 10.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 27.46 MB
  • Developer: No Tie, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    2.5/5 ( 175 Reviews)
  • Price:
100BIRDS + RINGTONES Bird Calls Tweets Sounds App Ratings: 2.5
From 175 Reviews

100BIRDS + RINGTONES Bird Calls Tweets Sounds App Description

100+ birdcalls, birdchirps, birdsongs, birdsounds, tweets & twitters in 1 app, PLUS create custom ringtones using those sounds, and talking Caller ID that greets you by name and announces your callers, and download them as a FREE BONUS! To use the sounds as ringtones, keep in mind that all custom ringtones must be installed using iTunes on your Mac or PC. So, run the app on your iOS device, create your custom ringtones, then follow the instructions. ON YOUR COMPUTER download the ringtones, open the .m4r files in iTunes and sync your iPhone. This is how iOS works. No app can install custom ringtones without iTunes. Email us if you need ANY help. THANKS! Partial sound list: AcadianFlycatcher AlderFlycatcher AltaMiraOriole AmazonianPygmyOwl AmericanCrow AmericanGoldfinch AmericanOystercatcher AmericanRedstart AmericanRobin BaltimoreOriole BarnOwl BayBreastedWarbler BeardedBellbird BellsVireo BeltedKingfisher BewicksWren BirdCall BirdSong BirdTweets BlackSkimmer BlackburnianWarbler BlackcappedChickadee BlackfrontedNunbird BlackpollWarbler BlackthroatedBlueWarbler BlackthroatedGreenWarbler BlueGrosbeak BlueJay BlueMartins BrasiliaTapaculo BuffBreastedWren Bushtit CanadianGeese Canaries Cardinal CarolinaWren Chacalaca ChalkBrowedMockingbird ChestnutSidedWarbler ChippingSparrow ChopiBlackbird ChuckWillsWidowBird CocoaThrush CommonLoon CommonMerganser CommonTern ConnecticutWarbler CorayaWren CouchsKingbird CreamyBelliedThrush Crow Cuckoo DickcisselBird DoubleCrestedCormorant Dove Duck EasternBluebird EasternMeadowlark EasternPhoebe EasternTowhee EasternWoodPeewee EuropeanStarling ExoticBird FieldSparrow Finch FlickerBabies Flying ForstersTern Geese GoldFinch GoldenCrownedKinglet GoldwingWarbler GrayCatbird GreatBlueHeron GreatCrestedFlycatcher HairyWoodpecker Hawk HermitThrush Heron HoodedWarbler HouseFinch HouseWren Hummingbird HyacinthineMacaw IndigoBunting KentuckyWarbler Kildeer Lapwing LaughingFalcon LaughingGull LawrencesThrush LeastTern LittleTinamou LongBilledThrasher Loons LouisianaThrush Macaw MadDuck MagnoliaWarbler Mallard MarshWren Martinet Meadowlark MealyParro Mockingbird MountainChickadee MouseColoredAntshrike MyrtleWarbler NashvilleWarbler NorthRoughwingSwallow NorthernCardinal NorthernMockingbird NorthernWarbler OliveSparrow Osprey Ovenbird Owl PaintedBunting Parakeet Parrot Peacock PeacockShort Pelican Pigeon PileatedWoodpecker PineWarbler PrairieWarbler PurpleMartin RedBelliedWoodpecker RedBreastedNuthatch RedLeggedSeriema RedWingBlackBird RedWingedBlackbird Robin Rooster RoseBreastedGrosbeak RubyCrownedKinglet RuddyTurnstone RuffedGrouse RufousBelliedThrush RufousSidedTowhee ScreamingPiha Seagull SeasideSparrow ShorttailedAntthrush Skylark SlateColoredJunco SlatyBristiefront SnowGeese SongSparrow Sparrow SpeckleBreastedAntpitta SpottedSandpiper SummerTanager SurucuaTrogon SwainsonsWarbler Swallows SwampSparrow TennesseeWarbler TropicalKingbird TropicalMockingbird TundraSwans Turkey TurkeyGobble UndulatedTinanlou Veery VirginiaRail Vulture WarblingVireo Waterfoul Whipporwill WhiteBreastedNuthatch WhiteEaredPuffbird WhiteEyedVireo WhiteNapedJay WhiteThroatedSparrow WhiteThroatedThrush WhiteTippedDove WinterWren WoodDuck WoodThrush Woodpecker WormEatingWarbler YellowBreastedChat YellowShaftedFlicker From the makers of the #1 best selling sound board app, 100sounds - www.100sounds.com

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App Reviews

  • Don’t bother

    By Fairladyorchid
    Complete wast of money. There is no sound and you keep getting encouraged to go pro. What did I spend money on?? Advertising???
  • Terrible

    By Tcatrinah
    Doesn't work. Frustrating!
  • Don't buy

    By Friendofthefloofmonster
    If there is a way to make these a ringtone it is far from intuitive.
  • Waste of my .99 cents.

    By Blondie dust
    Wanted bird sounds for ringtones. Not a sound played no matter what bird I tapped on. Nothing happened whatsoever. I want my money back.
  • Möbius flip access and registration

    By OldBoots2
    No matter how much you read from the massive instructions, you never get to register as instructed. When you get to sign in, of course it doesn't recognize you and thus, you don't get what you paid for. It's a scam and .99 cent rip off which I would imagine equates to a fairly large dollar amount in a years time.
  • Worthless

    By DutchPink
    If you’re interested in complete calls for anything except the most common birds, don’t bother. Here’s an example: The call for ‘owl’ is a single “hoot”. So maybe that’s one hoot of a great horned owl’s call? Maybe not? No actual species of owl exists, just ‘owl’. Waste of money.
  • -1 stars????

    By Jjgilly
    This is the most worthless app ever. I actually purchased this, I can't believe my own stupidity. Why can't I give this app fewer stars?
  • Fix this!

    By Fry040810
    This needs to be fixed! The bird sounds do not even work anymore!
  • Bird calls. Haha

    By Stephan Douwes
    They need to refund anyone who purchased this worthless app. Most of these bird calls are incomplete. Nothing professional about the audible sounds either.
  • Terrible

    By swimmmy
    Waste of .99 cents. If you want to get real calls stick to ibird.