iBird Pro Guide to Birds

iBird Pro Guide to Birds

By Mitch Waite Group

  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2009-03-27
  • Current Version: 10.06
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 1.65 GB
  • Developer: Mitch Waite Group
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 4,450 Reviews)
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iBird Pro Guide to Birds App Ratings: 4.5
From 4,450 Reviews

iBird Pro Guide to Birds App Description

iBird™ Pro, considered by experts to be the world’s best app for identifying birds of North America, has been completely updated with the American Ornithological Union’s 2017 Supplement. You can now search for birds by activity levels during day or night (Cathemeral), dawn and dusk (Crepuscular), during the day (Diurnal) or during the night (Nocturnal) with the optional Time of Day package. iBird Pro is the only app that offers Birds Around Me (BAM)—showing just those species in your GPS location. It also features our patented Percevia™ smart search, which helps you identify birds just like the birding experts. Finally iBird Pro 10.06 includes our new Owls of Mexico and Central America package, including illustrations with field marks, range maps, songs and calls and much more for these remarkable species. iBird developers never sleep. Version 10.06 adds a unique collection of audio recordings for all Owls as well as 16 new composite illustrations. To see the latest drawings, go to Illustration Update on the Search menu and select 10.06. More Details of What’s New: bit.ly/ibird-whatsnew iBird Pro contains 946 species of North American birds, including both common and rare species. It is designed to help both experienced and novice birders identify and learn about their birds. Unlike other iPhone apps, iBird includes most of the popular birds of the Hawaiian Islands and is completely up to date with the 2017 AOU and ABA checklists. With iBird Pro’s Percevia™ matching system you can search for birds by color, location, shape, habitat or any one of 35 identification attributes to find your bird. iBird's comprehensive species pages have 3,300 built-in bird song recordings, 4,500 professional high resolution bird photographs, 1,750 hand-drawn composite illustrations and over 1,000 range maps. Version 10.065 of iBird Pro Guide to Birds now includes iCloud for backing up and sharing your own photos, notes and favorites among all your devices. With over 1 million downloads iBird is the standard that all birding apps are measured by. Features ■ Identify 946 species with in-depth descriptions including details on appearance, habitat, behavior, conservation, size, weight, color, pattern, shape, sexual differences and much more. ■ Birds Around Me and Percevia™ smart search now available as in-app purchases with free 7 day trials. ■ Splits-History lets you see what birds have had name changes, have been split into more than one species or lumped into one species. ■ iBird’s icon-driven visual search engine enables you to identify birds using shape, color, location, habitat, head pattern, flight pattern, bill shape, length and more. ■ Extensive identification paragraphs and hard-to-find details such as diet, nest information, egg color, sex of incubator, vocalization definitions, and more. ■ The only birding app that includes both Illustrations and Photos. ■ Sort birds by first, last and family name and view birds by text, icon, thumbnail or gallery. ■ Search by common name, Latin name and even band code. ■ Comprehensive range maps which include migratory routes as well as subspecies maps for 40 species. ■ Only app with a field mark layer which displays key ID marks for male, female and juvenile birds. ■ Post, keep lists, and share sightings with friends and followers with an easy and user-friendly Notes and Favorites interface. ■ iBird’s database is completely self-contained; no internet connection is required like many other birding apps. Other Features ■ The Conservation Status search attribute lets you filter birds by 6 threat levels maintained by Birdlife International and is called the IUCN Red List. ■ All screens optimized for tablets - illustrations, photos and range maps fill the screen. ■ Species, common and family names in English, French and Spanish (text is English).

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App Reviews

  • Well

    By Busa dave
    Not as easy to use as the older version. Too hard to find my favorites...
  • Very Deceptive feature list for Pro - still requires in-app purchases!

    By lb311
    I bought the Pro version (rather than Ultimate) as the App Store description seems to clearly state that it now includes the Owls of Mexico, Time of Day, and Birds Around Me features. Only after buying and opening the app did I discover that Pro does NOT come with these features, and that they are in-app purchases! Even if you buy the “combined bundle” of these features in-app, it costs more than the Ultimate version. Why not clearly state what comes/does not come with each product up front, so customers can make proper buying decisions? I would have gladly bought the Ultimate Bundle today had I known this. But now I’m left with a sub-standard Pro version with no way to upgrade it to the bundle— all because of your very dumb and deceptive App Store descriptions! Not a great first impression MWG! Not good at all! UPDATE - After reading the Developer’s reply (which thankfully, clearly documents what comes/does not come with each app) and emailing their Support team, they advised that Pro with the in-app purchases would be the best (and only) way to go for the immediate future. They have no control over Apple refunds/exchanges. I’ve now done that and the app now has the same features as Ultimate at the same price. I am upgrading my rating slightly as the app itself is indeed the best birding app out there, but can’t quite give them a full 5 stars until they update their product descriptions to clearly reflect the pricing & features.
  • IBird Pro

    By SiteWizards
    Great app - well worth the fee for anyone that views or photographs birds. Great details about where they live, colors and calls.
  • Favorites and Weak Support

    By crowleyvt
    For years I’ve enjoyed iBird Lite, iBird Plus and now iBird Pro. Unfortunately I lost years of “favorites” “photos” and notes during the Pro change over. I’ve tried all the support website suggestions and sent several emails for help and support but only receive generic responses. It’s disappointing to spend money and years in support of this company and be so ignored. Know that while the app is great don’t expect support if you run into problems. There are other awesome choices so do your research.
  • The only bird “book” app I use

    By dintystew22
    This app was recommended to me by a serious birder as “the app to have if you only have one”. I have been happy with it for many years, as I can look up birds without having to carry a bird book around. I am now getting into birding more seriously and use the app a lot more often. I am still very satisfied, however I have not used many other apps to compare. Features that I love: 1. Having the songs 2. The photos are great for cross referencing with illustrations 3. The “Behavior” tab contains lots of useful information, especially more detail on similar birds Some suggestions that would be helpful: 1. More illustrations for some birds - showing variation and different angles. 2. Having the listing function sync with eBird. I find I’m constantly switching back and forth and would like to stay in one app, but do what I do in both (not sure this is possible). Overall I recommend this app frequently and feel it was well worth the cost.
  • I Bird

    By ranger210
    This app is the first one I look at when trying to identify a bird. I especially like that there are actual photos of the birds, and that I can add my own photos to the app.
  • Ibird pro

    By CJS_52
    This app wants you to purchase add-ons for so many aspects that should be included. It won’t keep a siting list without add-on, nor show birds around you. It does have nice photos and sounds. There are free apps that provide more options.
  • IBird Pro

    By bellameez
    Very user friendly ! Excellent source of information and songs .
  • Anna and Allen hummingbirds in CA

    By StarsNBucks
    I loved the old app because I used your sounds to learn the different tones highs and lows to call the birds on my own. I just went on your app because I have my migrating Allen‘s and of course my Anna’s all the time. I went for the sounds in California and it’s some screeching bird that’s not a hummingbird I tried Allen‘s and I tried the Anna’s and both the first sounds in California were some screeching sound. When I went to the bottom sound in California it appeared to be more correct for a different sound the birds use. I have also tried to contact you but it does not let me send my comment Except when I found the gentleman’s before me and I decided to not to rate but just comment. Your app did not recognize my email address and said it was invalid I had to delete it and add it several times and finally it let me proceed?? I use the pro and did have to pay for it so I would hope that it would be in top form and working correctly. I was a little nervous to send this review because you seemed a little harsh and almost yelling at the other man when he just didn’t understand how to use it. You do have a wonderful app just a few glitches once in a while. Thank you, Sincerely Char I have tried to send this but now it won’t let me unless I rate you I will have to give you a lower rating for that alone please fix it and I can always change it. :(
  • No by season searches?

    By Biokat13
    I’ve had this app for years and I swear you used be able to search by season. Not anymore, which is a terrible decision. And if it was never an option then it’s a terrible decision to continue not having a search by season option. Also, when filtering by state the app doesn’t actually list all bird species. According to iBird there are no Woodhouse’s scrub-jays in Texas, which is entirely false. Who knows how many other species it’s excluding from the Texas list or any other state for that matter. For an app that claims to be the highest rated bird app (it’s not by the way, Audubon Birds is higher rated AND free) it sure feels like iBird is losing its superiority.