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  • Release Date: 2009-05-03
  • Current Version: 8.1
  • Adult Rating: 9+
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  • Developer: Zev Clementson
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
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    4/5 ( 167 Reviews)
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HebrewBible App Ratings: 4
From 167 Reviews

HebrewBible App Description

The Hebrew Bible iPhone application is designed for reading/studying the Hebrew Bible in either Hebrew, Aramaic (Torah only), or in a parallel translation format combining Hebrew and another language (at present, either English or French). It is also useful as a tool for improving one's knowledge of Biblical Hebrew and Biblical Aramaic. It is comprised of five main components: 1. Bible: The Hebrew Bible is accessible in several different versions (a default version is selected via iPhone preferences and it is possible to change versions while running the application as well). The first six versions listed below are included in the App, the other versions can be either accessed over the Internet or downloaded (at no additional charge). The versions that are available are: * Hebrew (cantillation) * Hebrew (vowels) * Hebrew (no vowels) * Hebrew/English (cantillation) * Hebrew/English (vowels) * Hebrew/English (no vowels) * Hebrew/French * English * Hebrew Torah (commentary) * Aramaic Torah (vowels) * Aramaic Torah (no vowels) When reading a book or chapter (regardless of the version selected), it is also possible to listen to the Hebrew version of the selected book/chapter being read by pressing the "Play" button at the top of the page. The audio readings are pronounced in Sephardi-style Hebrew. In additon to a "Book"-based reading approach, it is possible to also toggle to a "Parashah"-based approach (a Parashah is the weekly synagogue Torah/Haftarah reading). Both Ashkenazi and Sephardi Parashah readings are supported. While reading the Hebrew and Hebrew/English versions, if you touch any Hebrew word, you will be presented with a pop-up English definition. From the popup, it is also possible to display a list of all the verses in the Hebrew Bible that contain that word. 2. Words: This is useful for learning more about specific Hebrew words and for discovering related words. One can lookup words by "Root" by selecting the first two letters of the Hebrew word root. A listing will be displayed of all Hebrew words (and, optionally, Aramaic words and/or proper names) that begin with those two letters. Once the list is displayed, touching a word will open up a further level of detail about the selected word (and, optionally, all verses that contain that word or the BDB page for that word). Alternatively, one can use the "Translate" function to translate words or sentences or go directly to the word detail via the "Strongs" number lookup function. There is also a word search facility. 3. Topics: There are links to key topics (over 200 people/places/things) in the Wikipedia online encyclopedia. One can access topics by Bible book, by "Meta" topics, and a consolidated list of all topics. 4. Maps: There are maps of almost every location (over 1,000 locations) mentioned in the Hebrew Bible. It is possible to display multiple different locations on a map and to clear previously selected locations from a map. One can access Maps by Bible book or a consolidated list of all maps. By selecting a location on the map and touching the "callout detail disclosure" symbol (the "right arrow"), one can see a listing of all verses in the Hebrew Bible that mention that location. 5. BDB: The Brown–Driver–Briggs Hebrew Lexicon is probably the most commonly used Biblical Hebrew Lexicon. A complete copy of this lexicon is accessible from within the application. In additon, individual pages can be displayed via the word lookup functionality. An Internet connection is required in order to use some content in this application but most core functionality is maintained locally.

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App Reviews

  • Hebrew Bible

    By Bielikov
    This is a fantastic app with wonderful support, also. Thanks, Zev. I have now owned this app for years and I really love it. Beginning with Genesis I have been reading along with the Hebrew native speaker and testing myself from time to time to check my pronunciation before I hear it. What a great way to practice and learn to apply the Shewa rules, etc. At first I kept getting lost as the speaker is fast. But now I am feeling more and more confident. I use this app daily and also use the Buth Hebrew pronunciation in Logos. I want to tell Zev Clementson how grateful I am. Keep up the fantastic work. I also love the Lexicon so that I can get definitions while I am in the program. Thanks!
  • Wonderfully useful

    By LifeOrchestrations
    This is a great tool to support learning Biblical Hebrew. Direct access to the BDB word reference by touching the Hebrew word. Also great to have access to audio of the Hebrew text.
  • No text

    By yhwhsfriend
    Just purchased this and shows no text. Please correct this !
  • Amazing app!

    By Maryhoward159
    I love this app! I use it every day, and I have recommended it to hundreds of people. It is great for deeper study, because it gives all of the definitions of each Hebrew word, as well as everywhere else each word is used. This helps you get the full meaning and context of the verse. If you are learning Hebrew, this app is very helpful in building vocabulary. It's also great Hebrew reading practice. It has a Hebrew audio Bible as well, so you can listen along. The one thing I don't like is the English version. I'm not a "thee" and "thou" kinda girl. So I just use it for the Hebrew Bible, and I use a different app for English. I highly recommend this app! It's worth every penny.
  • No text!!

    By Wildfox of Minnesota
    Where is the text! $9.99 for blank pages!?!?!?!?
  • The Bible text doesn't appear in the app :(

    By Economist Bob
    I was so excited about finding this Bible base on the codex it says. Unfortunately the Bible text that shows in the screen shot never appear in the app and the Bible pages are all blank white space with audio playback instead.
  • Still worth it!

    By Ephrayim Yisra'el
    This is the best app you could buy for studying and learning the Masoretic Hebrew Scriptures, easily readable and configurable texts, excellent satellite pin map of locations, quick on hand Strongs definitions of and Hebrew word you tap, and even an audio reading per chapter, and customer support is excellent! Only cons; - I have had this app crash twice now and it will not open whether I reinstall it or cache it (which worked last time to cache it from iPhone settings)... Which is really really lame because it's such a great app I use it on a hourly basis... - It changed it layout from a studious old style layout to a kinda lame bubbly iOS layout about a year ago.. - The audio cannot play when the phone is locked like various audio bible apps.. - The audio cannot pause as displayed, and shows a playback error message when tampered with.. - Does not receive updates/crash fixes often
  • Boo boo

    By Awesome Hat
    No bible in app. Please fix this soon!😔. Thanks
  • Great app

    By brchaplin
    Love this, especially on the iPad. I use it for looking up words to prepare for a Biblical Hebrew class. A few suggestions: 1. When you go to the BDB page for a word, it doesn't let you zoom in. Would be great if it did, or just provided the BDB page # on the word definition popup so I could find it on the zoomable BDB I have in PDF format. 2. When the user goes to BDB, and then returns to the text, it takes you to the beginning of the chapter, even if you were in the middle of the end. 3. Is it optimized for the iPhone 6 and 6+? I would like to know if this is in the works! Thanks.
  • Superb application

    By Apolos Landa
    I delight in using it. Supplements my Hebrew Bible studies with excellency. Thanks