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  • Release Date: 2012-11-08
  • Current Version: 5.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 939.59 MB
  • Developer: Gameloft
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 72,769 Reviews)
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From 72,769 Reviews


Saddle up for adventure with Twilight Sparkle & friends! After being locked away in the moon for centuries, Nightmare Moon is set free and spreading night across Ponyville! Only Twilight Sparkle and her friends can free Ponyville from her grasp and bring light and friendship back to the land. Help them rebuild the town and reach their dreams in exciting quests! * Your favorite ponies are here: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack and more! * Make your Ponyville the most magical place in Equestria and explore Sweet Apple Acres and Canterlot. * Play fun mini-games with your ponies: Ball Bounce, Apple-Picking, Magic Wings, Telescope, Crystal Mine and the Equestria Girls Dance game! * Enjoy official TV show voice talents featured in the game! _____________________________________________ You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, when you input your iTunes account password. You will not be asked to re-enter your credit card number or PIN. Once your iTunes account password is entered, your account will allow in-app purchases for 15 minutes. To restrict or disable in-app purchases, you can change the settings on your device. This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some third parties which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising. Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet. _____________________________________________ Visit our official site at Check out the new blog at Don't forget to follow us on social media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: YouTube: FORUM : This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site. Terms of Use: Privacy Policy: End-User License Agreement:



App Reviews

  • Read if Begging

    By RainbowDasshhhhh🖤
    I love your game but if your new don’t waste your gems because there hard to get and if you get a new land like canterlot or everfree forest just stick with the main land you start out from. and I wouldn’t worry about the pop up events just focus on what you main missions are and try to be a little organized I feel this method of playing is the best because your more organized and don’t stress out on all the missions are in every land and if your getting something expensive wait for sales there the best if you love mlp you will love this game 🖤🖤🖤🎥🎥🎥
  • Really fun but issue with gems

    By Jada childress
    I had played this game ever since I was 4 and it’s really fun but the one problem with this game is the gems! Some poines cost like 60 100 500 and even 1000 gems. And every time when I lvl up it only gives me 1. Smh can y’all fix that pls
  • I have a idea

    By Super star 39
    So you know the marshmello skin from fortnite so maybe you could add a fortnite collection of like different skins from fortnite that would be really funny.

    By Knkpar
    I hate the limited time stories because you NEVER give us enough time to finish them without paying real money!
  • Payed to play Don’t play it

    By Boyusa88
    Don’t play this game unless you’re: going to spend 24/7 non stop on it OR waste hundreds of dollars because everything is extremely expensive
  • Changes over the the years the good the bad with sprinkles of DISAPPOINTMENT

    By Emyshua
    Apparently I first downloaded this game on February 21 2015. Since then I believe I deleted the game because of the gaming app size. Luckily Apple introduced uninstalling I love that so this isn’t a problem now. It’s been ages since I last played this game. But since then there have been so many changes. I start by saying I love that you can get characters by watching ads. But I heave only welcomed Cookie Crumbles to Ponyville because of that. There are so MANY DIFFERENT DISAPPOINTMENTS like gems are hard to get without using real money (I know that you can watch ads and get gems but you can only to that 2 times a day) Gems are so difficult to get without solving quests which you sometimes need 10 gems to skip and your reward 1 or 2 gems. I’m fine with watching ads to get gems but I wish you could get them as “shop drops” like how shops drop 120 bits how about they have a 30 or 50% chance to drop 2 or 3 gems. I get that you want these to be rare but you could also make it so you can watch up to 10 ads a day. Also the story limited time things need to stop being so difficult. I didn’t do the Saddle Arabia one but I am doing school of Friendship and I got Yona somehow but for Sliverstream you need 30 thingys and it takes 2 to 3 hours to get 1. Either A) Make the story for a longer time B) get me more gems (do this anyway please!) C) Make it so I don’t need 30 or another ridiculous number and D) Make the tasks not be 2 or 3 hours! I’ll write another review later about the other new changes.
  • Awesome, but...

    By LeafeonIsBestPokemon567
    This game used to be loads fun. It was so cool... I’d come home everyday to play it. I’d spend hours trying to get bits for the ponies, and buying shops and setting paths. I played the games with the ponies... I raised their stars... I could actually play. Although it was alright, the gems are what make my blood boil. Even today, the only way to play this game FULLY is by inverting real-life, hard earned cash into the game. Even with the constant discounts in the gem prices, the gem amount is outrageous. And the fact that you actually NEED these ponies for finishing the stories is enough to make you say, “I quit.” It’s very unfair. Like everything else in the world, this app would be better without greedy developers getting their cash from poor people who just want to have a good time. Sunburst has a gem cost of 1,000 gems, and even with discount, it’s 600. Never in my life had I ever been able to get more than 65 gems. I was forced to use them on very expensive ponies. The “Ball-Bounce Minigame” was fun and all, and it was usually about 100 bits for the normal ball. Yeah, everyone can afford 100 bits. But in recent updates, the bits have been raised to 12,000 bits for the normal ball. I know, the ball is now x5 in your score, but I usually have to wait sooooo long to play at least once. The quest wait times are too long, and sometimes you forget and the quest expires. Also, the limited time stories are too short and too expensive. The wait time is like 2 hours for one task, not to mention how many times you have to repeat and wait to get only one of the items you need. I’ve been 4 years still trying to figure out how to get past the Nightmare Moon Story, and I’m having no luck at all. I hope you guys notice how downhill this is going... and I sincerely apologize for any aggressiveness by my part. 5 stars would look better than 4, after all...
  • It's a great game

    By gubner999
    It's a great game but it's sad when you complete most of the quests then all you have are community events but it may take me 9 mabye 10 weeks for me to get there.
  • One teeny tiny small request.

    By kingmanJc
    A simple glass of water please... Let's get serious I think it would benefit this game for you to add an option for you to make an oc.
  • Ads, awful monetization, and shady devs

    By Alice Valkyrie
    The ads (which don’t even play properly on my device-they just crash the game) are unacceptable. Having to close out of your game and restart it every 3 minutes because you’re attempting to force me to watch ads for no reward is unacceptable. I’m done with this game because you’ve made it blatantly obvious that you only care about $$$, not your customers. Also, thanks for constantly removing my reviews for no reason, guys!!!