Money Mindset Hypnosis

Money Mindset Hypnosis

By Mindifi LLC

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2013-07-24
  • Current Version: 2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 72.32 MB
  • Developer: Mindifi LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4.5/5 ( 52 Reviews)
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Money Mindset Hypnosis App Ratings: 4.5
From 52 Reviews

Money Mindset Hypnosis App Description

What is it that makes someone successful or financially free? Besides inheritance, theft, and the lottery, there truly are universal principals that have been followed by those who have achieved massive financial abundance and freedom. The good news is that these keys to success are accessible to anyone who desires them and uses them. And it all starts with a mindset, before all else. The ideas and principals covered in this Money and Success app are truths that have stood the test of time amongst the wisest and richest of men in all of history. The knowledge in these audios was gleaned from countless books and real experiences on the principals of success and wealth accumulation. We invite you to open your mind to un-learn negative beliefs about money and success, and to instill a new mindset to help guide you towards the right path to achieve any of your life goals. Audios in this app include: 1) Your Dream Life- Free on Us! 2) Change Beliefs about Money 3) Become Debt Free 4) Attitude of Abundance 5) Money Metaphysics 6) Frugality 101 7) Surround Yourself with Wealth 8) Investing 9) Take Financial Action 10) Love Assets! 11) Financial Freedom To your Success!

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App Reviews

  • Verifying purchase

    By rachriley
    I've had this app before, but this time around it won't verify my purchase so I can't use it. My other Mindifi apps work just fine.
  • Dont make the mistake I did.

    By 2010stupido
    This is the most expensive app i have ever bought. Don't make the same mistake. Its relaxing but for free check out ASMR in youtube! Its way better for free!
  • Financial Freedom

    By Bekipa
    SLOW DOWN!! Not a speed reading competition! worst attempt at hypnosis I've experienced. It was very rushed it was difficult to concentrate because before I was immersed in the current activity another one began. It was like someone was reading aloud from a book. Slow down!!! I've purchased two complete packages all of them rushed this one the worst. Won't purchase more from mindifi. This is the only review I have ever left, that's how bad it is.
  • Free Dream Life Hypnosis-Meditation

    By TheSunWillComeOutShineOnMe
    I just listened to the Free 'Your Dream Life' Hypnosis-included in download-about 30 minutes long & MOSTLY I am pleased with it. I would have used it sooner since I downloaded App 4-5 months ago & I'd use it more often IF it had controls to rewind-fast forward-pause & LOOP the actual Visualization part & NOT have to replay the entire relaxation part first As I was already highly relaxed & I wanted to Hear the hypnotherapy in a trance like state but not fall asleep & then if I had played at night & fallen asleep-I'd Need to have a Loop feature or at least the choice to have it repeat 5 times or more. I downloaded 6 Mindifi Apps after I first used One over a year ago on another device & it was ok but since then I've found so many Better Apps that have Hypnosis & Meditations for various issues which at least allow me to fast forward or rewind & loop the audio or repeat it & so I use those ALL THE TIME-There are over 50 I have that offer all those features for free PLUS some have various free in-app sessions & OF THOSE-I've bought some extra In-App AUDIOS AFTER having GREAT SUCCESS using the Free AUDIOS & achieving the goal desired so I think Mindifi REALLY NEEDS TO GET ON BOARD & update their Apps to allow for fast forwarding & looping within the free content Otherwise MOST of Us will never get to know if it's even worth buying as It took me months 2even FINALLY listen to this one & then I played the Free Your Mind App-with light blue icon WHICH I am about to delete right now as I am confused why THIS APP has 3 1/2 stars & THAT one has 4 1/2 & I JUST PLAYED BOTH & THIS APP has Free Content in the DREAM LIFE AUDIO-even though the induction gets annoying & is so long I did notice It gave me some of the Dream Life ideas to visualize in the middle or ten minutes into it & then HERE'S WHAT I DIDN'T LIKE-Why I almost rated 3 stars but I can see this being helpful if a person is trying to relax BUT needs fast forward for those of us alread Ina meditative sleepy state as I used this in the morning-I have ones I play at night that loop & I play different ones in mornings-depending on days-So I realized I had several of your Apos taking up space on my device & needed to know if they were worth keeping as it's really been half a year or more sine I DOWNLOADED & a time I started to play one-Either I was annoyed that I couldn't fast forward to see if the session was any good 1st before wasting 35 minutes & otherwise I think SOME of them close of you open another App at same time-so I remember in OAST after playing 15 minutes of a free session I had maybe an alarm or an alert or somehow another Spo opened which I shut off right away but YOUR app made me Start over & didn't just resume play where it was-I made sure this time NOT TO OPEN OTHER APPS & FULLY PLAYED THIS APPS FREE SESSION & THE FREE YOUR MIND APP SESSION TOO-What annoyed me most in this1 was that The progressive muscle relaxations & visualizations to relax body ARE MAJORITY OF SESSION & only few minutes in middle is the DREAM LIFE audio-WHICH I DID LIKE-I also did enjoy doing the l lint coming from my feet up my body easing tension & healing & breathing in & letting out any trapped energy or stress-So that was cool & MORE THAN ENOUGH for the induction but ONCE into the session HE STARTS ANOTHER induction type WHICH seems to me that it is set up to Give us a sample of the induction phases of paid AUDIOS With a little clip of DREAM LIFE that I enjoyed but the last 10-15 minutes had me getting more RELAXED & then opening & closing my eyes to try to create a trigger for 'Deep Sleep'-it annoyed me as I had just woke up & this is not an insomnia App & I was looking to Visualize & Manifest my DREAM LIFE & not set a trigger where anytime I hear the words 'deep sleep'I will go into trance-HE did that for the last half it seemed-counting up and down opening & closing eyes & after telling me to deep sleep he tells me to open eyes wide awake-I'd rather that time was spent on the actual Dream Life Audio session being longer & not in creating triggers AFTER ORIGINAL INDUCTION DO PLEASE NOTE THAT & sorry for typos & issues in this comment but it's not allowing me to fix or go back without RETYPING EVERYTHING SO NOW THIS IS VERY LONG-SortyBut this is A TRUE REVIEW-The dream life visualization part was 5 stars but it felt like it was less than 1/4 of the time of the session so I'm not sure I'll use this except one more try & only if they change it where we can either LOOP IT & I'll sleep to it or let us fast forward & play in background so I can do other things UNTIL HE GETS TO PART I HAVE USE FOR-So-Next I Played Free Your Mind & I WAS WIDE AWAKE THEN AS THE END OF DREAM LIFE MADE ME COME OUT OF THE TRANCE I PLANNED TO STAY IN & DO A FEW AUDIOS EARLY THIS MORNING-Thanks but I then was wide awake to play the app I am deleting after this-Free Your Mind as that APP played the exact same inductions of the one I just listened to ONLY ITS ALL I HEARD FOR ALMOST 35 minutes-I never heard anything about Freeing my Mind from negative thought patterns as described-Instead it was basically ALL JUST AN AUDIO TO PUT YOU TO SLEEP- TO INDUCT YOU INTO A RELAXED STATE USING PROGRESSIVE MUSCLE RELAXATION-WHICH IS FREE IN HUNDREDS OF GOOD apps & by counting & then the same eyes open & eyes closed TECHNIQUE & DEEP SLEEP ORDERS & then he said open eyes wide awake & I NEVER HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT FREEEING YOUR MIND SO HOW DOES THAT APP HAVE A BETTER RATING THAN THIS ONE WHICH AT LEAST HAS SONE VISUALIZATIONS ABOUT MY DREAM LIFE-I would suggest to anyone Planning to use any Mindifi app to play it fully while you are awake & Don't Open another App midway thru or you might have wasted your time & Then your stuck starting over so just let it play ad you do something you gave to do anyway-LAUNDRY-COOKING-SHOWERING-READING-CLEANING-vacuuming LOL-Walking your dog-whatever-& SEE FOR YOURSELF
  • not free!

    By Sh9999
    there's not a single part of this app that is actually free! You have to pay at least $4.99 to get even one download. Load of crap!
  • .

    By bGuiles
  • Nice once it finally begins; no fast forward etc.

    By Luvme....
    The guide takes 10-12 minutes at the beginning of each session to talk about basic guidelines other than the topic of each hypnosis. Each session! There are no controls to fast forward or rewind nor recall of where you stopped if you need to leave the app. The only option is to start over . Not really a completely honest showing of audio media. Let's see if they can integrate some new features regarding skip 10 min in and time step. Thank you!
  • It works

    By Arena ria
    It does indeed work, just like advertised !
  • Not buy it stop

    By Not buy 2
    I just get this and it's nothing inside $20 dll for nothing now I would like my money back ....
  • Fantastic!

    By Scottikay
    Soothing voice - all positive. It works!