GPX Editor

GPX Editor

By William Modesitt

  • Category: Travel
  • Release Date: 2014-10-08
  • Current Version: 2.96.11
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 5.09 MB
  • Developer: William Modesitt
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.10 or later.
  • App Ratings:
    4/5 ( 26 Reviews)
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GPX Editor App Ratings: 4
From 26 Reviews

GPX Editor App Description

Edit GPS eXchange format (GPX) files on your Mac. GPX Editor can edit GPX files exported from many GPS devices and other apps. - Open, edit and save multiple GPX files. - View with Apple Maps or Open Street Maps. - View and edit waypoints, routes, tracks, track points, and file info. - View charts such as elevation vs. track point (when elevation exists). - Copy waypoints, routes, tracks and file info and paste to a spreadsheet. - Copy & paste waypoints, routes, and tracks from one file to another. - Show or hide waypoints and track points. - Drag waypoints and track points to a new location on the map. - Add new waypoints, routes, tracks and track points. - Get current weather for a waypoint or track point. - Download elevation for any waypoint or track point. - Take a screen shot of the map for printing or reference. - Drag and drop track points to rearrange their ordering (within the track point list). - Preferences let you change pin, route and track colors and more. - Flickr search for photos and videos at any waypoint or track point location. - Delete waypoints, routes and track points to refine your GPX file. - Delete multiple track points easily. - Merge track points. - Combine track segments. - Combine tracks. - Convert track points into waypoints. - Delete track segments. - And more! For example, you have a track from a bike ride, but you want to trim the beginning and end portions of the track. With GPX Editor it’s easy to delete multiple track points for this very purpose! Note that GPX extensions are ignored.

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App Reviews

  • Great app and support

    By Cbr600f1
    I have not needed to contact the developer for anything but new features are consistently added. It is a great tool to manage my motorcycle tracks/routes before usingon my smart phone.
  • A handy tool to have in your collection

    By iAneel
    This app isn’t the end-all-be-all of GPS data editing, but it’s useful for the thing that it specializes in: editing GPX tracks. It’s the easiest interface I’ve found to curate collections of lots of tracks. I just got back from a trip where I had multiple GPS units running at the same time and needed to reconcile their data. I did the repetitive work with a Python script, and then cleaned up the results by hand using this tool. It made it easy to split and join tracks and to tweak points by dragging them on the map. The author is quite responsive to feature requests.
  • Easy to use, very effective, excellent support

    By NorCami
    I needed a program to edit together many different gpx tracks into complete routes and this program has completely fulfilled those needs. It’s highly intuitive and does exactly what it promises. When I discovered a minor bug, I emailed support and got a response within minutes. A patch was readied within days. And to be clear, I’ve used the program for ~100 hours now and aside from that minor glitch, it has been flawless. 8/26/18 Update - I just wanted to reiterate how fantastic the support is for this product. Once again, when I found an issue that needed attention, the email response was almost immediate and a solution was found in a timely fashion. I’m genuinely impressed by how responsive the programmer is.
  • Landscape Photographer - Excellent App

    By aplnub
    I do a lot of hiking and photographing landscapes. I use my phone to track my hikes and then export a GPX file to geo-tag my photos to the locations at which they were photogaphed. I didn’t realize Adobe Lightroom had a 50,000 point max import. This app allowed me to merge every two points to cut my 75,340 points to half so I would be under the 50,000 point import. I was also able to timeshift the points with ease (all 75,340 points). I did contact the developer with a question and he responded same day. Don’t hesitate if you need a little help with GPX files.
  • A combination of things done right and serious omissions (at least for me)

    By Ben McL
    Right now I’m going to focus on the omissions: It claims the ability to edit routes. What you are limited to is editing the fields for that route (Number, Name, Desc, Comment, Distance) but NOT any of the route points in that route. The 2nd screen shot shows the editing of routes and at the bottom of the list of route points it says: “Route points for info only” What I wanted to do was edit the order of route points, delete a few route points, and change some of the names - none of which I could do. Boo! Done right: editing waypoints and track points! Easy and intuitive with inline editing (which is what I was hoping for with route editing.) My workaround: In GPX Editor go GPX > Convert Route to a Track, then edit the track points, then in a text editor edit the XML file to turn the track back into a route so I can use it as a route in my GPS. I would have rated the app with 4 stars if editing tracks and routes had similar functionality.
  • Helpful for editing tracks

    By ndru
    The developer has been pretty responsive, and this app has more advanced editing features that I’ve seen in the other GPX apps I’ve used. For instance, the ability to add points and interpolate timestamps for those points has been useful when I’ve been trying to repair a track where my GPS logger lost signal. Also, this app has relatively good support for track segments. The biggest downside is that it is very slow with large tracks. When traveling, I generate all-day tracks with new points every second, and these are painfully slow until I zoom in enough that only a modest part of the track is being displayed.
  • Excellent Support & good replacement for VantagePoint

    By Glen's GPS
    I recently purchased GPX Editor to run on my MacBook Pro. I have been moving data from VantagePoint (which doesn’t run on a Mac) into it. I wanted to add two waypoints which I did successfully and then I wanted to change the date and time field to reflect when I was at the two waypoints (I dive and mark my diving sites based on the time stamp in my dive computer) I couldn't seem to open the date and time field and make a change. I addressed this issue to the developer and received a very kind reply from William Modesitt telling me he would address the issue in a future update. Within 24 hours I looked for an update in the app store and there it was. With the new update, I was able to edit my new waypoints. I have worked in the IT field since 1981 and have NEVER had this kind of service from a developer. Thanks!
  • Just what I needed and more

    By thereoncewasamanfromnantucket
    I’ve been using the app for over a year now to manually draw tracks as well as to modify tracks made on my iPhone. It is the only app which has allowed me to get the job done. Recently I contacted the developer regarding a few quirks that I wish were different; the kind of things that pop up when you are working with a trackpad (like accidentally zooming the map while adding points). Not only was the response quick, the developer has worked out solutions. For me, the app is worth well more than the price. Doing my job would be a great deal more difficult without it. The response from the developer alone was worth the price.
  • Unsatisfactory & unstable replacement for Garmin MapSource

    I write hiking guidebooks for a major publisher and make my own maps. I am looking for a replacement for Garmin Mapsource that runs on the Mac and allows me to manipulate GPX files without nagging me about converting them to GDB format. I tried GPX editor, but it is unsatisfactory for my objectives. Most importantly, it crashed within a few minutes of opening. Also, I can’t seem to click on a track and have it pop up in the track viewer; instead, I have to scroll through hundreds of tracks to find the one of interest. I also do some of my cartography offline and I found no feature to download and locally store basemaps for a given area.
  • Excellent App - Very Functional

    By TranceMist
    This app is nearly everything I want in a GPX editor. A good choice of variosu OpenStreetMap versions (and the requisite Apple Maps), ability to easily view and edit tracks, waypoints, and routes. You can easily edit, delete or add all of these at will, including individual points within. Combining or splitting tracks and GPX files is also very easy. Overall a terrific app.